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A little over 2 years ago I was studying to become a Career Counsellor at University and had just written and published my first book about Careers and appeared on Channel 7 Sunrise about it, when I went and saw a psychic.

I vividly remember sitting there across from him as he closed his eyes and connected to his peeps on the other side. He hadn’t been talking for long when I almost burst out laughing. With great conviction he said, “Honey, if you think what you are doing now is your life purpose, I am here to tell you it isn’t”

“You are a creative Honey. Your life purpose is to be creative.”

Ummmmmmm say what!

He also kept itching the inside of his right ear and said to me “OMGosh my ear is so itchy. Oh man they are all talking to me so fast. They say you aren’t listening to their messages. OMGosh they have so much to tell you. Honey you need to start talking to your guides”

Little did he know that I had an ear infection in that very same ear he was itching and had been constantly itching it all night.

I sat there and tried to contain my laughter and shock. Creative? Nothing in my life was creative. I mean I had an overactive imagination and I loved to paint the walls in my home, but I certainly didn’t draw, paint pictures, cook, or write (ok I did write a book but it was a non-fiction book – not exactly creative… me!).

“Honey trust me, buy yourself the best bottle of French Champagne for your 40th birthday because you are not going to believe what is about to happen. ”

I turn 40 this year in July! I left in disbelief. This guy had no idea. I mean, come on, I had dedicated my life to working with teenagers and helping them to secure jobs. Creative……..I don’t think so.

Fast forward from that day and what has transpired in that time is a sequence of events that even my vivid imagination couldn’t have dreamt up. Seriously.

A few months after the reading my husband bought himself some watercolour paints to relax with. I was intrigued and started to try them. I use to trace pictures then paint them, and add quotes.

I started posting them on FB and a friend commented I should join the online drawing community the 52 week illustration challenge. I almost spat out my tea. Me? I trace……NOT DRAW!

But join I did.

After months of watching everyone else I took a leap of faith and drew an angels wing and posted it. It made the weekly blog picks!! Holy Toledo! Week after week I continued to draw and paint and bought hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies. I was in heaven.

Ok let me hurry up.

Fast forward I met a lady who did the challenge and she recommended I sell my work in a local handmade shop. Again more tea splurted everywhere. You can imagine I am drenched in tea by now.

But despite my hesitations, I approached the shop and started to stock my art. The shop was divine. I loved everything in it.

I noticed a lady working at the shop was pregnant and enquired if they may need to hire to replace her while she was on leave. No! But then a few weeks passed and I got a message from the owner and she asked me if I was still interested in working in the shop. I said YES!

And so I started working at the handmade shop where I was selling my art. You heard right people were buying my art. Say what?

Whilst there I met an older semi retired man that stocked wooden toys in the shop. We hit it off. I loved his work so much and started to ask him to make ideas I would dream up.

He did and they SOLD!

The penny started to drop. OMGoodness I could start my own business selling wooden toys that I designed. So I approached Tony and asked him if he would make stuff for me and allow me to sell them.

He said YES!

I was so excited. I felt like I was in heaven.

Then one day I had to drop off some pallets to him to make something for me and I went to his workshop.

Well the sky opened up and I swear angels were singing. This was


Without hesitation I asked him if he would teach me to make the items he was making. And without hesitating he said yes!

Oh Lordy I had found NIRVANA!

And so on the 1st July 2015 Bear and Sparrow was born. After a series of serendipitous events.

And so it would seem that the psychic I saw all those years ago was right! And I have a bottle of French Champagne sitting in my fridge just waiting to be popped on my 40th Birthday.

Thank you Universe

Love your work

LM xx


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