The Christmas gift I never knew I needed

I have never met my biological father, and to tell you the truth it never worried me either. My Mum told me from a young age all about him, and how they met and how they couldn’t be together for social reasons. So even though I have no Father listed on my birth certificate, I […]

A psychic predicted my future!

A little over 2 years ago I was studying to become a Career Counsellor at University and had just written and published my first book about Careers and appeared on Channel 7 Sunrise about it, when I went and saw a psychic. I vividly remember sitting there across from him as he closed his eyes and connected to […]

Meet the Stylist

I want to introduce you all to Kelly from “The Styling Mama” and the stylist behind Bear and Sparrow. Kelly is a one-of-a-kind of woman, and I would be lost without her. Oh and she is super funny too. Just read on to see what I am talking about. Love this woman. Okay here we […]