It’s time to bring colour back to children’s rooms

We (The Styling Mama and I) love pastel, grey and monochrome rooms as much as the next person. We know they are all the rage and on trend at the moment too, but we love COLOUR even more, and feel it is time we started to inject colour back into children’s rooms again.

Bright, Bold and Fun were the three main ingredients we used to create this circus room that drew ooohs and ahhhhhs from the kids when this room was revealed to them.

Starting with solid foundations

Bringing colour into a child’s room can be a bit daunting. Especially if your child has made requests for all the walls to be painted in a bright garish purple! But there are ways to inject colour without making it look as though you stepped into a scene of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

For our Circus room, we knew we wanted a bright and bold colour palette, but we also wanted a colour for the walls, that would allow the theme to be easily changed later on down the track, because let’s face it kids change their mind every 30 seconds.

We started by splitting the wall with a chair rail.

By doing this we could add a bold colour without it overwhelming the room, as we kept the below the chair rail section white. But as you can see cast your eyes above the chair rail and there in all its glory is the divine Taubmans colour “Admiralty”, a stunning shade of navy.

Bunk Beds

Nothing screams fun for a child more than bunk beds. So given that one of our main ingredients for this room was “FUN” we thought what the heck, let’s give the kids something to go nuts over. And nuts they went. These Bondi bunk beds from Snooze Australia are truly stunning.

Solid, quality made and a colour that would work with any palette. Tick, tick, tick

Time to add the colour

Once we had the base colour on the walls and the bunks in position, it was time for us to add colour, colour and MORE colour.

No colour was off limits.

From colourful sheets to prints that bought the room to life, a canopy that screamed colour and a giant orange letter C for Circus, we filled the room the with colours that would spark the imagination of little one.

Careful not to overload a little ones mind though we paired it all back and balanced it with a classic grey and black rug and denim and white floor cushion.


Next we added little pockets of storage to the room. Not traditional storage like a chest of drawers, but storage for fun, colourful books, and a little wire shelf on the top bunk for treasures.

And then last but not least the sweetest (and bloody heavy if I may add, this baby ain’t tipping over anytime soon) bedside table to house a toy drum and the most divine little Circus peg dolls you ever did see.


It wouldn’t be a room that we had helped bring to life if there wasn’t a D.I.Y project.

What Circus room is complete without a ringmaster stand. But not any ringmaster stand. This baby can be the stage for an aspiring ring master, but also doubles as a cool seat to read books on.

AND….it is super simple. We purchased a garden barrel from Bunnings, turned it upside down, painted it classic Circus yellow and red and topped it off with a circle of mdf we cut to fit and a round seat cushion from IKEA.


And there you have it. A Bright, Bold, Fun Circus Room that your little person will adore and might I add, you will too.

Tell Us: What themes would you love to see us do next?

We have a few up our sleeve, but we are always open to your ideas as well.

Big Love

Lisa-Marie x

(Mum who styles – and makes stuff too)



Where to source all the goodies in our Circus Room



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