A couple of years ago, before I started Bear and Sparrow, I was studying to be a Career Counsellor at University and I wrote and published a book called “Get Job Ready: A teens guide to getting their first job”. I even appeared on Sunrise about it CLICK HERE TO SEE.

It is funny though how life can have other plans for you though. Right?

Not long after I completed my Post Grad Degree, we moved house and I got a job working in a beautiful little handmade boutique. I thought it would be the perfect job where I could go to work, enjoy my time, and then go home and have the head space to work on building a Career Counselling business where I would mentor young people.

I was featured in national newspapers, on radio and did many public speaking events.

Even though I was and still am passionate about helping young people achieve their dreams in life, and despite my quick successes, there was always this nagging intuition that I wasn’t on the final path in life for me. But at the time I had no idea “WHAT” I was meant to be doing, and I had just spent thousands of dollars on a Uni degree how could I possibly just abandon it within months of finishing?

So I chose to live out my favourite career theory, Krumboltz’s Happenstance Theory,  and try new things, say YES to opportunites and be in the NOW and see where that would take me. I literally had no idea of the end destination, I was just completely open to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

If you don’t know what you want in life or where you are going, exploration is a great way to start unlocking your passions. Say yes to more things. What is the worst thing that can happen? You find things you DON’T want to do. Imagine though by saying yes to new opportunities you unlock a passion that was buried so deep within you, that you didn’t even know it existed.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me.

I started working in a handmade store. The owner fell sick and needed 6 weeks off, and so that meant I was running the place. I was in HEAVEN. Every day I worked there I fell more in love with it and less in love with Career Counselling.

I struggled and tossed and turned in bed for many nights gripped with guilt that I was even contemplating throwing away everything I had worked for and achieved in the Career Counselling sector. Freaking crazy woman I am.

But you know what?

When you find something that lights you up from the inside, how can you not pursue it. And so I closed the door on “Get Job Ready” and opened the door to “Bear and Sparrow”

HOWEVER there is still that book I wrote.

It really is a great resource for young people wanting to get their first job and whilst I sold all of the copies that were published, all 1500 of them, I still have the PDF file of the full book. And it is sitting on my computer, doing NOTHING. What a waste.

Soooooo I am guessing that a few of the people who are part of our tribe, may have young people in their lives that are looking for their first job and could really do with some help.

And I love to help people. So you will find below a link to the PDF copy of my book “Get Job Ready: A teens guide to getting their first job” Yep it is all yours for FREE. Please feel free to share it with people you feel would benefit from it.

It is written specifically for young people in an easy read format. Kind of like a conversation really and has samples of resumes and even steps them through interviews.

I hope it makes its way into the hands of many young people needing it.

Big Love Now and Always

LM xx

Click here for your copy Get Job Ready Book





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