The countdown is on to the school Easter Hat parade. You knew it was coming, when Easter eggs and fluffy bunnies started lining the shelves of nearly every retail outlet, but it isn’t until you get the note home from school about the looming Easter hat parade that you start to freak out.

Of course you want to make a hat that wins the parade, I mean that your child will love. (Kidding, I wanna win lol). But the thought of getting your craft on gives you hives.

Well fear no more, because we have teamed up with White Knight Paints to bring you a gorgeous, simple and colourful hat that can WOW them at the Easter hat parade, and then be used as a table centre piece over the Easter long weekend. Ummmmm WINNING!

When I was first asked to design an Easter hat that utilised spray paint, I was a little thrown. After all spray paint wouldn’t normally be something I would think of using to make an Easter hat. But I am not one to shy away from a challenge so I put my designer hat on.

Let me tell you while my design may look “simple” (and indeed it is simple to make) it took many days, and about 30 hats to finally love the end result. Yes, there were curse words my friends.

But in the end I loved the outcome. AND…….hand on heart (because yes this is a sponsored campaign, but I NEVER do stuff I don’t believe in) I can honestly say, using spray paint made the process so much easier and FUN.

The colours and finish you can achieve using the White Knight Squirts spray paints, are stunning. And the flat white spray, I used for one of the hats, is soooo good that at first everyone thought I had used white cardboard.

NOPE I sprayed it!

Besides I wouldn’t use normal cardboard, as it isn’t strong enough to endure the force or excitement of a 6 year old.

Want to get the kids involved in making the Easter Hat?

Now I understand that some parents are like me, controlling and crafting freaks. I will put my hand up now. When it comes to craft I love to do it myself. However other more, hmmmmm shall we say relaxed and “fun” parents will enjoy allowing their children to decorate their own hats. And I have to say kids craft is so super gorgeous, if you can allow yourself to let go of the reigns.

But little ones still may need some help. Because let’s face it we don’t need any fingers hot glue gunned together do we. So another alternative to my “Do It All Yourself And Don’t Let The Kids Near It” approach is for you to make the base of hat for them, spray it with their White Knights Squirts Paint colour of choice, and then let them decorate it themselves with bits and bobs from around the house.

The kids will have a ball. And be so proud of their creations. Tabitha was so proud of the one that she made during the photo shoot she wanted to take it to kindy the next day to show all her friends. So sweet.

Make it yourself or get the kids involved

Either way, you will be bound to have some very happy and eggcited (yep I totally just did that) little ones, busting to wear their hat proudly in the Easter parade at school.

Want the step by step instructions on how to make the Bear and Sparrow X White Knight Paints bunny ears hat? Click here

Or head here to watch the how to video on you tube CLICK HERE

Finally in signing off I must give a special thanks to the team that worked on this project with me

Debi Brett from Debi Brett Photography – Her work is amazing and truly tells a story

Sandra Connors from Visual Abode – The video wing woman who truly brings your project to life



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