“Without a doubt, Christmas is my favourite time of the year. The smell of Christmas trees, the twinkle of lights, carols, the whole kit and kaboodle. I love the magic.”

So I thought to myself, what better way to kick off the festive season than with a Christmas D.I.Y.

And not just any ‘ole D.I.Y. Something beautiful. Something that would make you want to get your tool belt on asap and get making.

And so with no further ado we bring you our

Traditional Christmas Stand

This Narnia inspired Christmas stand has a solar powered light, a countdown chalkboard, a letterbox to send letters to and from Santa and the Elves in, and hooks to hang your stockings from.

It is truly magical.

What you will need to make our Christmas Stand

  • Can of Black Gloss Spray Paint
  • Black Chalkboard paint
  • Traditional solar wall light
  • 9MM Mdf 225mm x 195mm (Chalk Board)
  • 12MM Plywood  400MM x 400MM (Base Plate)
  • Black Scroll Bracket 200mm and 250mm length
  • Pine Timber Post 70MM x 70MM 1.2Metre Length
  • Pine 42MM x 42MM 1.2Metre Length
  • MDF
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • 15mm Brass Knob
  • Christmas Wreath
  • 1 metre of Rope
  • Black Electrical tape
  • PVA Woodglue
  • Hooks

NOTE: We got all of our materials for this project from our local Bunnings store. Except for the Wreath, which we got from Daiso. Our base plate and chalk board listed above were cut down from larger sheets. You can cut these down yourself using a jigsaw, or ask your local hardware if they will cut for you, to help you out.

Step One: Make a stable base for the post

The first thing to do is make a solid base for your post (note: we did not cut down our post at all).

Using the 42 x 42mm timber length, cut 2 x 155mm and 2 x 70mm lengths. Screw (or you could nail) these together and around the base of your post, making sure that you also screw/nail it to the post as well, so it can’t slip off.

In addition to screwing the base pieces together we also highly recommend gluing them together as well for extra stability. We use Selley’s PVA Wood glue.

Now it is time to attach the base plate to the post. Measure the centre point on the base of the post and also on the base plate.

Drill through the centre point of the base plate and then drill in at the centre point of the post.

Add PVA Wood glue to the base of the post and attach to the base plate and then drill in the screw to connect the base plate to the post.

Step Two: Time to Paint

We recommend that you undercoat the stand first, to seal the wood and to give a better finish to your spray. Once the undercoat has dried, then give it a sand and then spray it all over with Gloss Black spray paint. Leave to dry for a few hours and then apply a second coat before leaving to cure for 24hours.

We decided on all black for our stand, ( the main reason being we wanted it to be classic and traditional and also the brackets and light were black, so it meant we didn’t have to spray them as well to match) but you could totally do it all white, or add a red letterbox, or to be totally different, why not go pastel!

Step Three: Attach all the pieces

Once your stand is dry, it is time to attach the light to the top of the post at the front. Next attach the 250mm bracket to the side of the stand, again at the top of the post.

And screw in a small gold hook just below the light.

This is the time you can also attach one or more of the hooks wherever you please for your stockings to hang from.

If you would also like to make and attach a letterbox to your stand, please click here for step-by-step instructions.


Solar Light

We bought our solar light from Bunnings. You will see that Bunnings have a good range of lights your could use. If they don’t have this wall mount light option, you could also use one of their solar lights that you can put in the garden. I found with these that the top usually comes off the stake part that goes in the ground.Allowing you to easily then be able to use it for your Christmas Stand.


Step Four: Countdown Chalkboard

The final step is the countdown chalkboard. Simply drill two holes in both top corners of the (MDF Chalk board piece), so the rope can be threaded through.

Paint the board with the chalk paint and allow to dry.

Once dry it is time to transfer “Days Until Christmas” onto it. Simply print the words off (click here to download the words), colour in the back with lead pencil then trace onto the board with a pen.

Remove the paper and you should see the feint outline of the words on the chalkboard. Simply colour it in with a paint pen. We recommend Iron Lak 1mm paint markers in White, as it gives you fine details.

Attach the countdown board to the bracket with the rope, and tape it off at the board end using black electrical tape. You will cover the tape then with red ribbon tied into a bow.



Now you have your stunning new Christmas stand

Christmas Stand - Make and Style It

When we made ours, the reactions we got from the children we showed were amazing and truly made my heart skip a beat. They wanted to interact with it, and immediately they wanted to write letters to Santa and drop it in the letterbox.

This D.I.Y is one you and your family will treasure forever.

It will bring a lifetime of memories.

Memories that your children can pass down to their children.

If you ask me, that is the best kind of D.I.Y you could ask for.

So what are you waiting for.

Happy Creating.

LM x


PS: Please feel free to email me any questions you may have about this project and be sure to share your creations with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Please note that this design is for private use only and not to be made for commercial resale.


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