Make and Style It

Do you ever get stuck for ideas on things to make or style?

Do you enjoy being creative? Like does it rock your world?

Are you a sewer, woodworker, baker, painter, pottery maker, crafty person or a non-creative who would love to try new things?

Then I have the Challenge for YOU!

Being a creative person and having an over active imagination is indeed a blessing. Well I think so anyway. However sometimes it can also be a curse. We either have an overload of ideas and get overwhelmed with where to start, and so, as a result may not start at all, OR the opposite of that, our brains which are normally so busy thinking of new ideas, freeze up on us, and we draw a BLANK.

After losing my Mum in June 2017, I found myself lost. I had lost my anchor. You would have seen I stopped posting to social media for a while. I truly lacked the Ooomph to keep going, in fact I wanted to just shut up shop for good.

Then one day I had one of those light bulb shower moments (cause you know where else do you have light bulb moments?) and thought, why not just create for pure joy. Not for money, just for joy.


Imagine that, creating for pure joy.

Then I froze and thought, I can’t do that, how will I make money blah blah blah. And look I don’t know how, all I know is that I have this yearning and voice inside of me telling me to trust this new path, and so I am. Gulp!

Then in that same shower lightbulb moment, I thought why not challenge myself to create something NEW every single MONTH. To be honest initially the thought was every week, but I quickly changed it to monthly as I didn’t want to put pressure on myself. I wanted to make sure it was achievable and enjoyable.

To get my creative juices flowing and to prevent them going into overwhelm, I realised I needed to structure the challenge in a way that each month I knew what I was working towards.

And so I started writing down word prompts for each month.

So here is the deal Amigos. You wanna ride the bus with me?

Lemme tell you how you can jump on board.

2018 Make and Style It Challenge


The Make and Style It Challenge is open to EVERYONE of ALL age groups WORLDWIDE. Each month on the 1st there will be a THEME posted on the Make and Style It Instagram and FB pages for you to create to.

I welcome you to create something that fits the theme and either post it to your instagram account and tag me in it and use the hashtag #makeandstyleitchallenge (so I can find your creations) or POST your completed creation direct to the CHALLENGE wall on FB.

  • You can style it, bake it, sew it, use wood, paint it, draw it, use clay, use fimo, heck you can create using ANY MEDIUM that makes your heart sing, just make sure it is PG rated as children are allowed to participate in the challenge.
  • MAKE/STYLE IT to theme, and only make for the THEME month we are in, (no skipping ahead), and it has to be a NEW creation. After all this challenge is to get you creating NOW, so sharing old stuff kinda defeats the purpose.
  • SHARE your creation with us on social media, and be sure to add the MONTH, THEME and HASHTAG I.E January: EAT  #MakeAndStyleItChallenge (This will help me when I am checking out all the creations)
  • Only post your OWN WORKS. Do not pass off anyone else’s work as your own. Please credit other creators as the original creator if you are paying ‘homage’ to their work.
  • CHECK OUT the hashtag and what other fellow creatives are making/styling. Even go and leave an encouraging comment. ONLY leave positive comments as this is a supportive community. If you don’t have anything nice to say then ZIP IT.

At the end of each month I will check out all of your amazeballs creations and will write up a blog of my favourite ten creations for the month. Not the best, MY FAVES.

So are you excited?

Wanna know what the themes are?

Here you go………..

Monthly Themes

  • January: EAT
  • February: Nature
  • March: Pastel
  • April: Play
  • May: Miniature
  • June: Budget
  • July: Upcycle
  • August: Vintage
  • September: Magical
  • October: Costume
  • November: Teach
  • December: Travel

Did I mention I am so bloody excited?

Happy Creating Everyone.

Love LM x

(AKA Lisa-Marie)

2017 Challenge logo designed by Ruby from Piper and The Litte Bug