I want to introduce you all to Kelly from “The Styling Mama” and the stylist behind Bear and Sparrow.

Kelly is a one-of-a-kind of woman, and I would be lost without her. Oh and she is super funny too. Just read on to see what I am talking about. Love this woman. Okay here we go

20 Facts about Kelly

1. I once did a full grocery shop with a pair of floral granny undies on their hanger dangling from my backpack that had caught when I walked through a cramped store.

2. I can’t park on my left. Or next to a pole. It really limits where I can park at the shops.

3. I kicked my obstetrician in the shoulder when he told me to push. I took the command a bit literally in a pain induced craze.

4. My husband and I met in 2002 and had a holiday fling. 11 years of marriage and 5 kids later, it turns out someone should have explained what a fling was to us.

5. I’m 35 in a few weeks WTF.

6. I still did pregnancy tests after I had scans just because I love seeing the two lines come up.

7. I am really paranoid about things that might happen and also worry too much about what people will think. Social media is the worst for this, but I do it anyway.

8. I’m a registered nurse but I wanted to do law. Probably should have studied more at school.

9. I have blue eyes, but one of my eyes has a pizza wedge of brown in it. Sometimes people ask me if I see brown spots. Ummmmmm…….No!

10. I once had to get a stranger to get my car out of my park on a slope because I was too scared of rolling into the car in front of me.

11. Ages ago Qld licences had your height on them. I thought I guessed accurately but turns out I’m not 167cm. I am only 157cm. Bummer.

12. I find long pauses really awkward so talk crap to fill it in which makes it more awkward. #awkies

13. I overanalyze everything. Facial expressions, emails, messages. Emojis are awesome and should be essential in any computer correspondence.

14. My eyebrows went curly after I had my babies. Seriously what the heck is that about? #notonfleek

15. I regularly eat a block of chocolate in one night. Fruit and nut because at least it covers all the food groups.

16. At the shops with my kids, I was once asked if I ran a family day care. Ahhh no they are all mine.

17. Channing Tatum makes me drool. Oh, my huband too of course.

18. I’ve never been to a concert because I am scared I’ll get trampled (see no.7) except for one wiggles concert and even then I was a little worried.

19. I still use CDs and have no music on my phone. Such a tragic. Oh and it’s all 80s and 90s music.

20. I’m totally bluffing my way through this adult/parenting thing so if I look like I have my shit sorted, it’s all an act. I really don’t

And that is a wrap from Kelly (aka The Styling Mama) you can follow her journey on instagram at www.instagram.com/thestylingmama

Next up is Tony. The man who has become like a father to me and has taught me everything he knows about working with wood. He is a super special part of the Bear and Sparrow puzzle.

Till next time

Have a beautiful day

LM x


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