13435612_10209886472857528_2078280573_n 2Welcome to the First Edition of the “Make and Style It” Blog.

“Make and Style It”, is a D.I.Y Designer Living Blog and collaboration between Bear and Sparrow and The Styling Mama (You can check out The Styling Mama at www.thestylingmama.com.au)

“Make and Style It” was born because we want everyone to be able to make and have a beautiful space that makes their heart sing.

We get it, not everyone has the budget to buy designer, hence the rise of KMART (bless their cotton socks). KMART has enabled us all to create spaces that make us proud to call our own, spaces that are on trend and on budget. Let’s forget that KMART is every husband’s worst nightmare for a minute lol.

We also know there are loads of super talented Mummas out there who have a passion for D.I.Y. and would love to be able to create pieces for their home that have a designer look.

Cue Bear and Sparrow and The Styling Mama.

It’s not everyday that two designers share their tips and tricks of the trade for FREE.

But we decided to throw caution to the wind and open up our creative hearts to you all.

Over the coming months/years (well hopefully years if you all love what we do) we will be releasing new and exciting designer makeovers of KMART shelves along with some make from scratch designs. Yep you heard me right. Eeeeep, it is all just so bloody exciting really.

Not only will we be showing you HOW TO make these items, The Styling Mama will also be showing you HOW TO style them. She will share with you the places you can buy the decor items she styles them with. AND………..The Styling Mama will be styling to suit ALL budgets. Crazy exciting right!

Tell me you are excited because I could pee my pants with excitement.

But what if you aren’t the “Make It” type. All good, because I am! YAY! Bear and Sparrow will also be selling the kits, so if you don’t fancy picking up a screwdriver, don’t stress we’ve got your back.

The hardest thing you will have to do is a bit of gluing worse case scenario.

So are you ready to jump in?

Ok let’s do this. Let’s learn how to “Make and Style It” with a KMART circle shelf Moon Makeover

PS: Once you have learnt how to “Make it” with me, then be sure to head on over to www.thestylingmama.com.au/blog/ and check out how to “Style It”


Big Love LM xx (AKA Lisa-Marie, but that is way too formal)

SERIOUS STUFF: Our Make and Style It items are for personal use only and are not to be sold for profit

Click on the link to the PDF Make It Moon Shelf directly below

Make and Style It Moon Shelf PDF DOWNLOAD


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