13493228_10209977955704542_348513268_oWelcome to Edition 2 of Make and Style It.

Initially we had planned to releaseĀ  a new design every 4 weeks, however we are just too darn excited, and so here we are only 2 weeks after our first release, revealing our second.

But wait there’s more?

We also plane to reveal our third one not too far away, and our third one is a triple treat. Did I mention we are excited.

This D.I.Y Designer Makeover is a super simple one. You could whip this cool cat up in a few hours. Even faster if we didn’t have to wait for the paint to dry.

This design is perfect for boys and girls rooms. Don’t believe me, then make sure you head over to The Styling Mama who has styled it for both sexes. Gosh I love gender neutral pieces, it means you can move them between rooms if you have boys and girls in your family.

Well I wont keep you any longer.

We hope you love our new release, and we can’t wait to see your creations in your home.

Make sure you tag us when you post them on social media by using the hastag #makeandstyleit

Click on the pdf download directly below and start making, or if you don’t fancy picking up a screw driver, head to our online shop and buy the kit.

Make and Style It Mountain Shelf




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