Hi and welcome to Bear and Sparrow, we are honoured that you have taken the time to visit us.

Bear and Sparrow is a registered Australian owned, designed and handmade, boutique children’s decor business owned by two passionate individuals me, Lisa-Marie the creative force behind the brand, and Tony. Tony is the Dad I never had, and also happens to be a qualified builder/carpenter.

Our story is one of fate you could say. For when you think about all of the things that had to fall into place for Tony and I to meet in the first place, you too would realise that the Universe must of had a plan all along for us.

I was working in a handmade boutique, whilst studying to be a career counsellor, and Tony was supplying the store with some of his toys. We had an instant rapport with each other.

I remember falling in love with Tony’s workmanship and his wooden toys. Every time Tony came into the store I would have new ideas for him. “Can you make this?” “What about this?” Tony would take all my crazy ideas on board and go away and make them.

When he would return, I would squeal like an over excited two year old.

Finally one day I asked Tony if he would like to go into business with me and teach me how to make wooden toys and decor items. That was back in August 2015 and I guess you could say the rest is history.

Tony and I are more than business partners. He truly is the Dad I never had and even knew I needed and I am like a daughter to him. He even bought me my first scroll saw.

We are both passionate about creating breathtakingly beautiful items with wood. We pride ourselves on creating truly unique on trend pieces that no one has ever seen before, that are of heirloom quality. Knowing our pieces will be passed down from generation to generation is so important to us.

Also of great importance to us is keeping Bear and Sparrow on home soil. You could say we are very proud Australian’s and despite the lure of cheap manufacturing in China, we just can’t do it. We are determined to continue to manufacture here in Australia and will search high and low to find ways in which we can, without cutting corners.

To show our commitment to this we registered Bear and Sparrow as an official Australian Owned and Made brand. The day we were approved we knew we had taken the right steps for our brand.

If you would like to learn more about us, we invite you to watch the video above. It truly captures who Tony and I are and our love for what we do.

Once again thank you for dropping by and joining us on this journey.

LM xx