“If you WANT something you’ve never had, then you have to DO something you’ve never done.”

I have been banging on for a while now that huge exciting change is coming, even did a video on instagram promising to tell you and then……nope she leaves us hanging again.

I guess I have been a little scared of how you would all react to the change. Would you love me and leave me? This is a possibility, and that’s cool if you do, cause you know, freewill and we can’t be all things to all people. Sometimes we need to be, who WE need to be. To step up, stop being so bloody afraid of the “what ifs” and give this burning desire inside you a red hot crack.

Cause here is the harsh reality. Tomorrow you may not be here to chase those dreams. So you have to make it count.

Do you know what I mean?

So what exactly is changing at Bear and Sparrow?

A name change

I can’t reveal it yet, as we are still in the middle of securing it all, and I am working with the amazing and patient (I may have changed my mind….oh, about 50 million times) Ruby from Piper and The Little on our new branding and logo. So soon there will be no more Bear and Sparrow, instead in it’s place will be a new, fresh, and exciting brand.

Our Products:

Ok so this is the big one right? Will you still be able to order our products? YES! BUT……not painted! Well some of them we will paint still like our crayon/pencil holders and some planes but our other stuff, will only be available RAW as of the end of September. Not to worry though, as we will give you all the tips and tricks on how to paint the items yourself. Which leads me to the next point.

D.I.Y: Do It Yourself

I am a creative being. What lights me up the most is bringing to life new ideas. No joke I literally dream up at least 5 new ideas if not more a day. On top of this, I love, love, love to share my ideas and thoughts with others, so I am going to be focusing a lot more on bringing to life some awesome D.I.Y projects for you. I promise they will be super cool AND you will want to make them yourself. And I wont be leaving you in the lurch, I will be be giving you easy, detailed instructions to follow.

We want to inspire you to get creative and to make things with your own two hands, cause we know how damn good it feels. We will not only be showing you how to make things, but also revealing where you can get the materials to make it. Yep, that’s right, we will be sharing our suppliers with you! Which leads me to the next point.


This is a biggie. So you know all of our book cradles, shelves, trugs, dollshouses etc. Well soon we will be selling full size patterns for them in hard copy (kinda like a dress pattern) that we would send you in the mail, so you can make them yourself! How freaking cool is that. Now of course our patterns will only be for personal use, though we will be making available commercial patterns as well.

We have recently just sold the rights to one of our patterns to a major retail chain in Australia, which is exciting! So if you always wanted to own one of our cradles, but couldn’t afford it, and could make it yourself, then happy days because our patterns will be retailing for a great price between $9.95 – $14.95.


Get ready to see more blogs from me. All about making things yourself. Tony and I are super excited about this. Soon we will be starting our own you tube channel, and we will be sharing loads of tips and tricks on how to make beautiful things yourself for your home. We will be here to answer your questions, give you our thoughts on equipment and what works best for us, how to get that great finish on your paint work. Yep we want to become your go to for D.I.Y.

So that is it. What do you think about our changes? Will you stay on this journey with us? We hope you do, cause we kinda really like having you around. Like a lot.

Top Secret Project

We do have one other TOP SECRET project we are working on too for you all, but I can’t tell you just yet. Or can I? It is something that has been on my bucket list for a while now. You know when you have those projects that you just have to do. It is a huge project and one that I am super passionate about.

Ok if you have read this far perhaps you deserve to know this one.

I am writing and publishing a book! A breathtakingly beautiful book. One I know you will all want as soon as you see it. We are currently working with a numbers of Stylists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Make Up Artists (cause Mama needs war paint before she has her photo taken) and some amazing brands to bring you a stunning book.

Arghhhhh it is out there!

Please feel free to pop me an email, a DM on insta, a PM on Facebook to let me know what you think. Because you my friends will be a big part of this next phase. I want your ideas on things we should create, what D.I.Y tips do you need a hand with?

Contact us and we will receive them all with great appreciation.

LM x

PS: Special credit to Beck from Always and Forever Styling for the gorgeous photos we used for this blog post. You will see they include our new raw dollhouse and swannie pencil holder which will be available for you to order soon.



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  1. Fabulous! Exciting and inspiring lovely. Everything you have written above is taking you from home maker to entrepreneurial BUSINESS WOMAN!!! You should be so proud of where you are heading and I am super excited to read your book and watch some of your DIY you tube videos!!! Congratulations on it all and here’s to the future xxx

  2. LM you continue to inspire me. I am in awe of your commitment to your work and treasuring your journey. I am so excited about your upcoming changes, and I will be cheering you on with all I have xx so exciting

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