A child’s room is their sacred SPACE (get the pun..lol) a place to call their own, where they can unleash their imagination. Play. laugh, retreat and sleep.

If you have a budding astronaut who dreams of working at NASA or an outer space obsessed little one, then we have the room they have been dreaming of.

As soon at The Styling Mama and I painted this room with the gorgeous “Admiralty” blue from Taubmans paints, we knew that we wanted to create an outer space themed room.

In the beginning we searched high and low for space themed items. Do you know how freaking challenging it is to find them. Trust me, it is! In the end, I said “Let’s make what we want”.

And so we did.

If you can’t find it D.I.Y it

The first thing we made for our outer space room was this cool planet shelf. Super simple to make, you only need;

  • KMART ply shelf
  • Sheet of 6mm MDF
  • White Knight Squirts Spray Paint (colours of your choice)
  • Sandpaper
  • Jigsaw
  • Double sided tape to attach the cut out to the shelf

Simply lay down the KMART ply shelf on your sheet of MDF and trace around the outside.

You will use this as your guide now to determine the width of your planet. Draw two circles either side of your template. How thick you make it is up to you.

Once you have your circles drawn it is time to add on the ring to the planet. We chose to hide the middle shelf of the KMART shelf and so again used the shelf as a template to get our positioning right.

Once you have drawn on your ring, it is time to grab the jigsaw and cut it out. Slow and steady wins the race here, and makes for less sanding.

Once you have it all cut out, it is time for the fun part. SPRAY PAINTING!

How do you spray paint?

Check out my “How to Spray Paint” video below and turn a drab piece of mdf into a bright and colourful planet shelf.

Space Room

D.I.Y Artwork

For this room we also made our own art work.

Something you can do too. Again we took a sheet of mdf, traced out our design, cut it and painted using Taubmans sample pots.

To create a 3D effect we layered pieces on top of each other.

When making custom art work for your child’s room, let your imagination go wild, and create something truly magical. Imagine the delight on your little ones face when they see you have made some especially for them.

My daughter has already put in a request for a 3D Frida. Oh dear Lord.

For delicate work like this though, rather than a jigsaw, we recommend a scroll saw. Truly the most versatile and amazing tool you could own. And you can pick them up for anywhere starting at $150 from places such as Bunnings and even Super Cheap Auto.

Finishing Touches

Once you have made your special pieces, it is time to bring it all together. No need to go overboard. We dressed the amazing Snooze Australia Bondi Bunks with an amazing and superb quality quilt from “The Midnight Gang”, add some twinkle lights and a token but oh so necessary Buzz Light Year and watch your space room come alive and see your little one staring in amazement at their new space.

My biggest tip when styling a Space Room……..HAVE FUN.

Decorating is fun, it is food for the soul. Enjoy creating a space for your little one that will make their face light up and that will make you smile as you walk past it each day.

To infinity and beyond space lovers.

LM xx

We are considering adding our planet shelf add on and astronaut art work as D.I.Y kits on our website. What do you think?
Let us know.


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